SmallThingstravelling for everybody

Choose your accessory:  by fabric, kind of use, print, and free your imagination and emotions for you or for an unique present.


 cotton - silkscreen print

This SmallThing is printed, with silkscreen method, 100% natural cotton, ethically produced.
The icons remember sweet memories  of Pipas' nature or will switch on your creativity.

Reduce Plastic use with the reusable cotton bags

Good for: diary use, free hands trip, organizing your day, keep separating and safe your things.

Resistant fabric, easy washable.




This SmallThing is made with technical 100% waterfproof fabric, super light and resistant.

Stripes, scketches and pictures to combine glam and use.


Good for: light-travel, daily bag use, liquids, wet stuff, teethbrush, brush and what you prefer!!!



Limited Edition & co.

Check here to find the seasonal SmallThing special edition, available now: