Beauty + travel accessories + organization

the focus of this line


I love to prepare my bags and lugguages, and i like well designed things, usefull and nice, even for travelling! 

I think that we just need few things but that we really like for travel, every day, to organize our bag , that's wht the SMALL THINGS !


The IDEA is

1 ° Choose some Small Things that we use during a trip or in the daily life, as stuff bag, gymsac, purse ecc... and transform them in something colorfull, practical and nice to see - not just ot hide in the bag because awful!!!


2 ° A good graphic with the right message, inspired from Brasil and Praia de Pipa, where we lived, specially the nature, its colours and unique shapes. I want to leave you the Summer mood all year long!!

I decided to print by hand, with silkscreen , it's  fantastic to match and change colours,  i love it!!! And design the fabric with the digital print full colours.

3 ° Fabrics : as a designer i must think about the design but also the perfect use, this is a must for me.

For this reason, at the moment, i decided to use the Cotton fabric for its softness, durability and practical use; the Nylon 100% waterproof, because it's light, ideal for liquid , wet stuff and for Sport activities; perfect to print pictures full colour.