I love travel

live in open spaces

take pictures.

I love details and

everything is new and differents.

I'm an Italian designer, working for severals years in the fashion world as Accessories Designer in a big american company. As graphic and video editor in Egypt for 2 years. Free lance in Tuscany till when I moved to Brazil in 2016.


I already visited this beautiful country, during our holidays, in th meantime i was working by an Agriturismo in Tuscany with my husband, when we arrived in Praia de Pipa, by a friends' suggestion! Today after more than 3 years we come back to Italy full of ideas and inspirations .


In our garden was born the idea of  #SmallThingstravelling, observing the colours, flowers, animals that lives around me, i felt the need to put all these emotions and surprises in something that you bring with you during your trip or everyday!



Ps: i forgot to tell you that i have a restless and dreaming nomad soul 


 Have a nice trip