Accessories for your travel, without stress

The  project was born in Brasil, in our garden, full of flowers, plants and  amazing colours.

I decided to use this inspiration for my artesanal production ANALOGICotton printed with the Silkscreen and DIGITALight waterproof fabric , 

small colorfull objects, for your travel, your house and your daily organization .

I love customization so i will be happy to study for you a unique product for YOUR BRAND  and YOUR EVENT.


Please go on to discover the Small Things

The Small Things

Discover my colorfull word,

Small Travel accessories for the trip, for the traveller and to organize your day!


The #SmallThingsTravelling

The idea

With colours , nature and amazing shapes, each picture becomes a graphic, a scketch, an icon; matching with the silkscreen printing, the digital illustration and a lot of care

About me

An italian designer, lived in Brasil, free her creativity.

From the idea to the product